Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Environment - Melting Ice Caps

What Is Happening Now In The Artics

-temperatures have been rising in the arctic

-thickness of the ice sheet has decreased

-Springs are coming earlier, and fall is arriving later

-Surface temperatures are increasing at a rate of 2 degrees per decade

-water absorbs heat and thus increases the heat



human activities (emission of greenhouse gases, deforestation)

Emission Of Greenhouse Gases

-transportation needs, burning of fossil fuels

Burning of fossil fuels

-like petroleum, oil, coal, natural gases


-find greener way to make electricity and use energy conserving items like energy bulbs. (solar panels, wind mills)

-use items that do not produce air pollution (cars that run on electricity)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


S: Subsitute Think about substituting part of your product/process for something else. By looking for something to substitute you can often come up with new ideas.

C: Combine Think about combining two or more parts of your probortunity to achieve a different product/process or to enhance synergy.

A: Adapt Think about which parts of the product/process could be adapted to remove the probortunity or think how you could change the nature of the product/process.

M: Modify/ Distort Think about changing part or all of the current situation, or to distort it in an unusual way. By forcing yourself to come up with new ways of working, you are often prompted into an alternative product/process.

P: Put to Other Purposes Think of how you might be able to put your current solution/ product/process to other purposes, or think of what you could reuse from somewhere else in order to solve your own probortunity. You might think of another way of solving your own probortunity or finding another market for your product.

E: Eliminate Think of what might happen if you eliminated various parts of the product/process/probortunity and consider what you might do in that situation. This often leads you to consider different ways of tackling the probortunity.

R: Rearrange/ Reverse Think of what you would do if part of your probortunity/product/process worked in reverse or done in a different order. What would you do if you had to do it in reverse? You can use this to see your probortunity from different angles and come up with new ideas.

When to use S.C.A.M.P.E.R?

-When you are trying to create a new product and you chould ask yourself whether the product is good or not and if it will do well in the market

-When you want to get an inspiration.

-When you are doing projects or writing compositions.

For the above sketch:

S: Instead or holding the water bottle in hand, the water bottle is attached to the cycling helmet.

C: The invention is a combine of a water bottle and cycling helmet.

A: The designs and patterns on the helmet is adapted.

M: The size of the water bottle is minimized.

P: The cycling helmet, with the holder, can use to hold water bottle.

E: Eliminate the work of screwing open the water bottle.

R: The cycling helmet is used in two ways, one is to protect the head from injuries and to hold the water bottle.