Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Global Warming-Rise in sea level

Problem:Greenhouse gasses increase as cars and other vehicles factories burn lots of fossil fuels to provide us with our daily needs.

  When Greenhouse gasses(like carbon dioxide)increase,the earth will get warmer,hence there is global warming.

  Due to the temperature rising,there are lots of problems now,like the polar ice caps are melting,causing a rise in the sea level.


What happens: When the sea level is rising,low altitude islands may sink below the sea.

The people who live on these island may have huge problems as the sea may destroy human property .

 Also,animals who live on the ice caps will also have problems,as they will have less land to live on,so there may be a problem of overcrowding,and may not be able to adjust to the heat high enough.

Solution:We should all try to conserve energy and use the 3r`s to save the planet.We should also try greener ways to make energy,by using wind or solar energy,or by making more environmentally products for us to use.

Currently,scientist are trying to use Geo-engineering to solve climate change

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